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Why Parents Love the Nabi

Any tablet can run educational apps, games, and e-books--but want your kids to do their chores? Study? Go to bed? Here's what makes the Nabi different.

Bedtime Enforcement

Starting this fall, parents will be able to program time limits and curfews. At the appointed hour, the Nabi will sing a bedtime song and shut itself off.

A Not-So-Wide World Web

The Nabi's browser accesses only preapproved websites.

Virtual Currency, Real Bed Making

Parents can program a Chore List. When kids complete tasks, parents sign off, and the device awards kids coins (which parents buy from Fuhu) they can use to buy apps, games, wallpapers, and more.

Games that Teach--and Learn

Nabi devices are loaded with Wings, a game that figures out a child's math, reading, and writing skills--and adjusts its difficulty level accordingly. Parents can see how well their kids are doing via an online report card. 

IMAGE: Jamie Chung
From the September 2013 issue of Inc. magazine

BURT HELM | Staff Writer | Senior Writer

Burt Helm is a senior writer for Inc. magazine.

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