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Follow The Map to Find Your Leadership Style

Your employees might have you pegged, but how well do you know yourself?

Your employees probably have you pegged--as a relentlessType A charger, a ponderer who can’t make decisions, a reclusive visionary, or a hothead who throws things. But how well do you know your own leadership style?

There are several widely used personality tests out there, and you may know your Myers-Briggs, Color Q, or DiSC type. Our tool--which is based on leadership styles identified by psychologist and author Daniel Goleman--isn’t intended as a substitute for other personality evaluations. But if you jump in and answer honestly (as the boss you are right now, rather than the one you aspire to be), you just might get the affirmation, reality check, or wake-up call that you need.

From the October issue of Inc. magazine

ADAM BLUESTEIN is a frequent contributor to Inc., writing about health care, innovation, and new technology. He lives with his wife and two children in Burlington, Vermont.

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