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How to Get Your Type A's to Chill

Seriously--sometimes you have to make fun mandatory.

We are a very ambition-driven organization; everyone who works on Grand St. is sort of obsessive about it. That's why we take a monthly field trip outside the office.

It usually takes a whole day--we might go to art galleries, or we might spend the day at the beach.

It's not a team-building thing at all. There's no agenda and no structure. It's about creating an opportunity for blue-sky days. The reason we impose these days is that if we didn't, people would just keep going and going and going. We have to fiercely command time for fun.

As told to Inc. senior writer Christine-Lagorio-Chafkin. 

From the November issue of Inc. magazine

AMANDA PEYTON | Columnist | co-founder of Grand Street, a new marketplace for creative technology

Amanda Peyton is the co-founder of Grand St., a new marketplace for creative technology that is now part of Etsy. Peyton is a technologist at heart and has worked at the intersection of technology and design for her entire career. She is an alum of MIT Sloan, Northwestern and Y Combinator and currently lives in New York City.

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