E-Diaries: With Andrew Raskin

Follow the entrepreneurial odyssey of Andrew Raskin, a New York salaryman who heads to San Francisco and launches an Internet start-up. Raskin's chronicles are at times hilarious, at times poignant.

Andrew Raskin cofounded Gazooba Corp. (now known as Qbiquity) and served as its first CEO. Raskin's E-Diaries columns chronicle his entrepreneurial odyssey at Gazooba and beyond.

Columns and Articles by Andrew Raskin

Where Have All the Dot-Commers Gone?
Sitting behind the wheel of a taxicab. Wearing leather and wielding a whip. You never know where an ex-dot-commer will turn up next.
Menu Driven
A food zealot chases his fortune on the Web, even though content sites are no longer the dish du jour.
(October 2001)
Confessions of a Nonserial Entrepreneur
There are plenty of second acts in business, but this company founder looks forward to a long intermission.
(September 2001)
Take This Deal and Shove It
Funding. Everyone in the Bay Area seems to need it, but oddly enough, CEOs are rebuffing venture capitalists more and more. The reason: check out those term sheets.
(August 2001)
Tragedy Tomorrow, Dot-Comedy Tonight
Lights! Camera! Options! A new film dissects the sad but all too familiar tale of an Internet start-up.
(June 2001)
I Might Just Take You Up On That
Andrew Raskin, Inc.'s intrepid young entrepreneur, explores some interesting offers from that have come his way.
(April 2001)
I've Got Mail
Readers comfort once and future CEO Andrew Raskin with empathy and job offers.
(March 2001)
The Pause that Refreshes
A former CEO enjoys an enforced time-out while keeping those pesky ideas at bay.
(February 2001)
I Really Must Be Going
Company founders and their businesses don't always grow at the same pace or in the same direction. Andy Raskin, author of Inc.'s E-Diaries columns, bids farewell to his firstborn company.
(December 2000)
There's a New Man in Town
Pressured by his venture capital backers, Gazooba founder Andrew Raskin makes room for a new CEO.
(October 2000)
Let the Good Times Roll
Sure, your employees are challenged and fulfilled. But are they having fun? Andrew Raskin describes his efforts to create a truly competitive levity package in this installment of E-diaries.
Bridge Financing over the River Scared
Popular wisdom holds that Internet companies can change business models on a dime. Actually, it takes a whole lot of dimes.
(June 2000)
Gimme Shelter
Forget the Holy Grail -- try finding office space in the Bay Area. Here's how Gazooba CEO Andrew Raskin cracked the San Francisco real estate market in six weeks and lived to tell the tale.
(May 2000)
There's No Such Thing as a Free Launch
Andrew Raskin, CEO of Gazooba.com, prepares to wow investors with a unique presentation at an industry conference.
(April 2000)
Take My Job Offer, Please. Pretty Please
These days everyone is playing hard to get, from PR agencies to employees. A look at Gazooba.com founder Andrew Raskin's education in the fine art of begging.
(March 2000)
The Game of the Name
Searching for the perfect name for your business? Here's why Internet start-up Gazooba.com chose an independent consultant over a high-profile firm to help build its identity.
(February 2000)
Episode I: A New Beginning
Andrew Raskin, an otherwise sane New York company man, chronicles why he has flung himself into the mad world of Silicon Valley start-ups.
(January 2000)

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