Joel Spolsky

In his column, "How Hard Could It Be?," technology entrepreneur Joel Spolsky chronicles what it’s like to run a bootstrapped software company. Spolsky, the co-founder of Fog Creek Software in New York City, also pens the popular blog Joel on Software, which was one of the first blogs set up by a business owner.

Setting the Right Priorities
September 2009
Strong problem-solving skills are important in business. Knowing what problem you absolutely must solve is even more important.
Joel Spolsky: The Day My Industry Died
June 2009
A decade ago, everybody was starting a Web consulting business, so I did too. Then, one day, the industry died. Does that sound familiar?
A Visit to Microsoft and Google
June 2009
Back-to-back trips to Microsoft and Google remind me just how smart these guys are -- and just how much I love running a small company
Why Circuit City failed, and why B&H thrives
May 2009
Circuit City shouldn't blame the economy for its failure, Joel Spolsky writes. As camera retailer B&H shows, it is possible to thrive in a recession, if you treat customers well.
Why I Never Let Employees Negotiate Pay Raises
April 2009
At my company, every worker at the same level is paid the same salary. And when one gets a raise, they all do
Start-up Static
March 2009
A new business is like a shortwave radio. You have to fiddle patiently with all the dials until you get the reception you want
Thanks or No Thanks
January/February 2009
A young employee came up with an idea that added a million dollars to our bottom line. How do we reward him for the contribution? Do we even have to?

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