Leigh Buchanan

Leigh Buchanan has been writing about business for 20 years in publications including Inc. and The Harvard Business Review. Her column, The Office, reflects on the rituals, behaviors, and idiosyncratic culture of company life. Readers with observations or strange tales from their own businesses are welcome to contact her at lbuchanan@inc.com.

Damned With Faint Praise
October 2009
Great managers know when and how to lavish praise on their workers
In Praise of Morning
July 2009
Dedicated entrepreneurs often burn the midnight oil. But how many miss out on the refreshing solitude of watching the office wake up?    
Cutting Customer Service With Care
May 2009
The Problem with Referrals
March 2009
Many companies pay a referral bonus to employees when they recommend a friend for a job down the hall. But do they carefully consider the implications of this common practice?
Too Smart for Comfort
February 2009
I Hereby Resolve…
January 2009
I resolve that in 2009 I will blog for Inc.com every day.

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