Norm Brodsky

Norm Brodsky is a veteran entrepreneur who also writes The Morning Norm at His six businesses include a three-time Inc. 500 company. In December 1995 he began sharing his street-smart advice in a regular Inc. column co-authored with Inc. editor-at-large Bo Burlingham. In 2007 he wrote a real-time, blow-by-blow account of his attempt to sell his businesses. You can send Norm questions to address in future columns at

Norm Brodsky Tries to Sell His Company... Again
October 2009
Anticipating the torpedoes that can sink a deal.
Selling My Company (Again)
September 2009
I thought I cashed out. But then the credit squeeze changed my plans
Management Advice from Entrepreneur Norm Brodsky
June 2009
Veteran entrepreneur Norm Brodsky answers readers questions about retirement, selling a business, and more.
When Negotiating, Always Listen Before You Speak
June 2009
It pays to find out what the other side is thinking, then adjust your position accordingly.
How to Fix Cash-Flow Problems
May 2009
Cash-flow problems have just a few possible causes. More often than you might think, business is all about the basics
My First Year
April 2009
When my start-up found itself face to face with catastrophe because of conditions beyond my control, I learned how to cope
Surviving the Recession
March 2009
It requires conquering your fears and making the right choices. Many business owners won't do either
Our Irrational Fear of Numbers
January/February 2009
No, you didn't start a company because you wanted to learn accounting. But you had better learn some -- pronto -- if you want to understand your business.

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