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Eric Markowitz
The improbable but beautifully executed pivot. The prescience about technological change. The insight about what users want and need. Aaron Levie, the 28-year-old CEO of the billion-dollar cloud-computing company Box, just keeps getting it right.
Burt Helm
Answer: clean air, clean living and lots of cash to invest.
Adam Bluestein
Are you ready? Our checklist will make sure you capture every subsidy and avoid every pitfall.
Tom Foster
What do you call a company that is growing rapidly, has hundreds of happy employees, and is worth hundreds of millions of dollars--but is still deeply troubled? You call it Etsy. The story of a distinctly 21st-century management challenge.
Christine Lagorio-Chafkin
Seth Bannon wants to reinvent the way nonprofits do business. His first job: getting investors to chip in.
Jeremy Quittner
Why Start Ups Might Just Love Obamacare
If the new health care law has a winner, it has to be start-ups.
Robin Schatz
From Research Lab to Market Leader in Nothing Flat
How a maker of brain-training games went from zero to 50 million users.
Kasey Wehrum
Their Carts Are Full. So Why Won't They Buy?
It is estimated that online shoppers will abandon $1.79 trillion worth of goods in their online carts. Here are 5 easy ways to ensure your customers make it through the checkout process.
Norm Brodsky
The Biggest Challenge Facing Health Care Reform: Young Invincibles
Convincing young, healthy people to buy health insurance will be crucial to Obamacare's success. Senior Contributing Editor and veteran entrepreneur Norm Broodsky explains why that may be more difficult than expected.

Burt Helm
Answer: clean air, clean living and lots of cash to invest.
Kimberly Weisul
The Outlook For Small Biz In 2014? The Sky's the Limit
Our Inc. 5000 folks are upbeat. But only if Washington cleans up its circus act.
Norm Brodsky
The New Entrepreneurial Status Quo
Business owners aren't creating as many jobs as they used to. Why? They don't want to.
Daniel McGinn
How Uncle Sam Could Help Small Business. No, Really.
Some proposals might come to pass. Others? Don't hold your breath.

Think you're too small to catch the attention of hackers? Big mistake. Your company might be exactly what they want.
John Brandon
Forget Passwords. 3 High-Tech Security Alternatives
The best passwords are complicated and hard to remember. Even then, they're still hackable. Here are three start-ups creating better alternatives.
Leigh Buchanan
The Essential Management Book Your're Not Reading
A coding handbook gains a cult status for its simple leadership ideas.
John Brandon
5 Ways Hackers Can Get Into Your Business
The best way to build stronger defenses is to identify your company's weak spots.

Pierre Omidyar
"Inspiration is much more effective than delegation," says the eBay founder.
Ryan Underwood
Putting Data in Design
Want to develop a product that customers will love? Take a cue from Internet companies and do some testing. A lot of testing.
Leigh Buchanan
Where Are The Women Innovators?
Good question. Here's how one Silicon Valley insider is trying to find the answer
Jason Fried
Marketing Without Marketing
Rather than spending money to snag new customers, lavish some love on your current ones.
Malcolm Gladwell on the Power of Entrepreneurial Underdogs
Malcolm Gladwell's new book, David and Goliath, has much for business owners to love.
Entrepreneurs on the State of Small Business
Inc. surveyed Inc. 5000 winners from the past decade about a range of business, political, and cultural issues. Here's what they said.
Walking the Talk
As the replacement for a company founder, Chad Dickerson had to win the trust of his team. Here he talks about translating tactics into action.
Ready to Wear
Want to develop a product that customers will love? Take a cue from Internet companies and do some testing. A lot of testing.

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