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Adam Bluestein
A well-honed founding story can help you connect with investors, employees, and consumers -- and, with any luck, keep them listening.
Issie Lapowsky
Meet five whose bosses couldn't do their jobs without them.
David H. Freedman
Obamacare is fueling a hot new industry that uses mobile technology to curb health care spending. Smart startups are already cashing in.
Leigh Buchanan
At the core of Europe's strongest economy is the Mittelstand, a tier of impeccably run small manufacturers that measure growth not in years but in centuries. Here's how they do it, in five very German lessons.
Justin Rosenstein and Dustin Maskovitz
Asana's founders on how to build better teams.
Elaine Pofeldt
The Perils of Starting a Business on Your Own
Starting a business without a partner? Not everyone thinks it's a good idea. Here's what you need to keep in mind if you decide to go solo.
Kasey Wehrum
5 Famous Entrepreneurs Who Started Off Solo
Whether by preference or necessity, some of the world's most recognizable brands were started by solo entrepreneurs. Here are the stories of how five brands got their start.
Robin D. Schatz
How to Market Like an Arrogant Bastard
Stone Brewing doesn't spend money on advertising, but they still manage to get their message across loud and clear. Here's how they do it.
Eric Paley
How to Transition from Visionary to Leader
Having a grand vision is great, but it isn't enough to build your business. Here's how to take the reins and actually run your startup.

Tim Rice
Why she'd be Lost Without her EA, Gail Abrahamsen.
Issie Lapowsky
The Lost Leadership Art of Tough Love
Some founders still manage the old school way. The trick: striking a balance between tough and love.
Norm Brodsky
When a Private Label Is--and Isn't--a Good Way to Grow a Business
When opportunity knocks, sometimes it's better not to answer.
Leigh Buchanan
What U.S. Companies Can Learn From Germany's Apprenticeship Program
German schools produce workers custom-trained for employers' needs.

Jill Hamburg-Coplan
Nice growth company you got there. So how can you stay on track?
Jill Hamburg-Coplan
Vital Signs: 7 Savvy Ways to Gauge Your Company's Health
Want to know how your company is really performing? Track the same ratios bankers, investors, and buyers do.
Jonathan Sposato
What I Wish I Had Known Before Selling to Google
An entrepreneur shares his lessons learned from his deals with the acquisitive search giant.

Ryan Underwood
To really unleash your company's creativity, look to the squishy place it all begins: the chemistry in the brain.
Jennifer Alsever
Great Innovators Over 40
Why are so many people trying to innovate later in life? Middle age brings confidence, experience, deeper networks, and maybe even some cash savings. Here are some innovators who hit their stride after 40.
Ryan Underwood
3 Ways to Spark Employee Creativity
Running low on fresh ideas? That's nothing an improv class--or a few beers--can't fix.
Jeff Haden
How to Find Killer Ideas, Shark-Tank Style
The high-pressure pitch game isn't just good TV--it's also a pretty good model for surfacing your employees' best ideas.
Olympic Skier Ted Ligety's Other Job: Entrepreneur
The Olympic hopeful explains how his ski-equipment company develops products at breakneck speeds.
Why This Startup Has a No-Workaholics Policy
Why one company punishes (yes, punishes) staff members for not taking breaks.
Crowdfunding? Rule No. 1: Bare Your Soul
Long-awaited SEC rules clarify how entrepreneurs will one day raise money on crowdfunding portals. The process starts with disclosure. Lots of it.
Should You Hire a Professional Doodler?
Many companies are now hiring specialized artists to record their brainstorming sessions. Here's why.

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