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Elaine Pofeldt
For employees of the New York City-based translation company TransPerfect, the learning never stops.
Nadine Heintz
Best in Class: Great Holiday Gifts Made by Entrepreneurs
Jeremy Quittner
A private equity firm recently offered Inc. a rare inside look at the sale of an Inc. 5000 company. We expected brinkmanship, twists and turns, and white-knuckle tension. We were not disappointed.
Elaine Pofeldt
Urban Lending Solutions CEO Charles Sanders finds employees where other companies don't think to look.
Meet the Job Creators
Introducing the 2013 Hire Power Awards honorees. This impressive crop of companies are creating jobs--51,327 in 18 months, to be exact--and keeping the economy moving forward.
Jeff Haden
How to Sell to Humans
People buy from other people--not from companies. HubSpot's Dharmesh Shah explains how to sell more by "solving for humans."
Elaine Pofeldt
Hire Power Awards No. 13 | Slackers Need Not Apply
Total Quality Logistics has found a way to lure ambitious college graduates into the trucking industry. Hint: It involves money.
Jill Krasny
Why Competition May Be the Best Thing for Your Business
It isn't fun, but competition actually brings a number of benefits to start-ups--just be sure to stand out from the rest.

John Coleman
The incredible value of getting people out of their routines.
Ben Lerer
How (and Why) to Throw a Kick-ass Company Retreat
Make it fun, but give it a purpose. And don't cheap out.
Will Dean
How to Bring New Employees Into Your Culture
Get it right. Because culture trumps just about everything.
Doug Mack
How to Fix a Struggling Department
Get involved. Get people communicating. Your goal is to unlock the talent in your people.

Need to jumpstart your holiday shopping? Check out these innovative, entrepreneur-made gifts.
Mark Dwight
How to Build a Sustainable Business
We all know sustainable manufacturing is good for show. Here's how we make it work for the bottom line.
Jessica Bruder
How to Really Jump-Start 'Made In America'
Government initiatives to boost manufacturing ignore small business. Here's a better solution.
Nadine Heintz
Inside a Factory Makeover
How Filson created a production facility as fresh as its hip outdoor apparel--and boosted luggage output 50 percent.

Leigh Buchanan
How social media consultancy NixonMcInnes fosters innovation by celebrating its employees' mistakes.
Darren Dahl
How I Disrupted the Health Care Industry
HealthTap brings the wisdom of 48,000 doctors to patients' smartphones.
Jason Fried
Is Your Door Really Always Open?
Maybe it is. But I'd wager that your employees aren't exactly lining up to get in.
Issie Lapowsky
9 Questions for Scott Belsky
What is your greatest strength as a leader? Scott Belsky, co-founder and head of the portfolio-showcase site Behance, says his is understanding his weaknesses benchmarks.
4 Ways to Bring a New Approach to a Rigid Industry
A fast-growing builder has shaken up the construction industry by looking outside of it for inspiration. Here's how you can do the same in your industry.
Do-It Yourself Design
A few innovative makers are letting customers design their own goods. Here's how you can do the same.
How I Did It: Sammy Hagar
The former Van Halen frontman is actually quite the entrepreneur, with a business empire based on his passions: the beach, booze, and bikes.

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