Clicks for Cash

Sure, your company's website brings in business, but it can also become a revenue generator in its own right. Using these free services, you paste a little code into your website and pick up revenue when people stop by.

December 2007  Article | Slideshow

On Beyond Powerpoint

Snooze-inducing business slide shows aren't going away; in fact, emerging ways to share presentations online may make them even more pervasive. But thanks to some flashy new tools, many of them running on the Web, presentations are getting easier to sit through and less onerous to create.

November 2007  Article | Slideshow

Yes, No, and Somewhat Likely

There was a time when you practically had to hire a scientist to research the market for a product or service. These days, you can choose among dozens of online tools for polling customers, employees, and complete strangers.

October 2007  Article | Slideshow

The Biggest Picture

Business projectors are becoming everyday tools for video and data presentations, in boardrooms and on sales calls. Today's portables travel well, and in the office a projected image can capture an audience.

September 2007  Article | Slideshow

Let's Get Together

Social networks are finding ever more ways to be useful for tasks like finding employees and sales prospects, tracking down expertise, spreading marketing messages, and gathering customer feedback. Here are six services worth knowing.

August 2007  Article | Slideshow

Beyond Words

New color laser printers are making professional-quality output more affordable and common. Specialized devices are writing with stuff that isn't ink on surfaces that aren't paper.

July 2007  Article | Slideshow

The Best Spam Fighters

Checked your e-mail lately? If so, you probably had to sift through a nasty pile of spam. Here are six products that will help ease your spam burdens.

June 2007   Article | Slideshow

Computing On the Go

Notebook computers are becoming the tool of choice for business users, wherever they happen to be working. But for those who want something more specialized and powerful, there's a slew of new choices. Here are six that stand out.

May 2007   Article

Analyzing Your Website

Do you know exactly what people do when they get to your site? Which clicks are real and which are bogus? How your site ranks on search engines? Enter Web analytics tools; here are six we like the best.

April 2007   Article

Winning the Numbers Game

There are a number of interesting new financial software tools that can help boost your company's fiscal fitness. Here are six we like.

March 2007   Article

The Storage Solution

Data storage is hardly the sexiest subject in technology. But it may be the most important. Backing up your data is a chore, but an array of new tools make it easier than before.

February 2007   Article

CRM Made Simple

A CRM system is like an electronic Rolodex souped up so that every entry yields not only a phone number but your entire business history with that customer. Here's what the major vendors are offering.

January 2007   Article