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Building Your Brand Is a Process

Fashion designer and entrepreneur Marc Ecko talks about establishing your brand and refining it over time.

Video Transcript

00:10 Marc Ecko: People struggle with what their first step for building their brand is and what they don't realize is that brand building is a pursuit. It's not a destination. There needs to be a tolerance to iterating what exactly it will become. And rather than having a failure to launch, at least launch knowing that you're gonna try to hit the vicinity of your goals of what that brand, of what your brand is. And the way that you can establish and understand what your brand should be composed of, kind of your personal religion, is kind of a... More of an exercise in itself actualization than a graphic design exercise around flourishes and wrapping paper and the outside labels. I think you have to be, work towards saying to yourself, "What are my core values? How do I wanna make people feel? How am I differentiated? Is that differentiation an expression of who I really am or who we are as a group or a team?" Rather than waiting to if-that-then scenarios to launch, just leap in, go for it. It's a work in progress and good luck. You're not alone in feeling like you're in the woods.

Last updated: Oct 18, 2013

MARC ECKO | Columnist

A former graffiti artist armed only with hustle, sweat equity, and creativity, Marc Eck? flipped a $5,000 bag of cash into a global corporation now worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Eck? is an American fashion designer, entrepreneur, investor, and artist. He founded Marc Eck? Enterprises, a global fashion and lifestyle company. He is also the founder and chairman of Complex Media, the world's leading provider of fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, and product trends to young male tastemakers. Eck? serves as an emeritus board member to the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Big Picture Learning, and Tikva Children's Home. His book, Unlabel: Selling You Without Selling Out, came out in September 2013.

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