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Don't Let Other People Limit You

People will try to place you and your brand into simplified boxes. Instead, strive to 'unlabel.'

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00:10 Marc Ecko: We project our understanding of one another through labels, like products, right? You're probably watching this and saying, "Oh, Marc Ecko, what does he know about my business? I'm in the software business. I'm in some services business, right? He's a fashion designer." You're projecting on to me, I know a lot about your business. Knowing that other people are gonna try to force and organize you and your brand and your label, and try to put you on a shelf. So, rather than allowing yourself to be labeled, you should try to un-label and refuse those kind of projected taxonomies.

Last updated: Nov 14, 2013

MARC ECKO | Columnist

A former graffiti artist armed only with hustle, sweat equity, and creativity, Marc Eck? flipped a $5,000 bag of cash into a global corporation now worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Eck? is an American fashion designer, entrepreneur, investor, and artist. He founded Marc Eck? Enterprises, a global fashion and lifestyle company. He is also the founder and chairman of Complex Media, the world's leading provider of fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, and product trends to young male tastemakers. Eck? serves as an emeritus board member to the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Big Picture Learning, and Tikva Children's Home. His book, Unlabel: Selling You Without Selling Out, came out in September 2013.

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