Video Transcript

00:11 Marc Ecko: If you look in nature or at your own body, I would challenge you to try to find a straight line. They don't exist. Nature does not create straight lines. But yet somehow, because we went, and when we were all sentenced to that K through 12 period of our lives, we try to manage our expectations in straight lines. And too often, the trappings for founders, creators, artists is that they visualize where they want to go to and this destination, and they see it straight in front of them, when in reality it's over here.

00:52 Ecko: Why would you work to try to build your expectations in a straight path? You're constantly gonna be emotionally distraught. You're constantly gonna be beating yourself up, when in fact, you should be contemplating the steps in shorter increments. It seems like common sense, but we're all guilty of it. Because we get that instant gratification and that envy, the emotional envy, when you read about your competitor, and it seems like they're articulating, they're getting there faster than you. When you're baked, you're baked, right? Stop trying to bake and serve it before it's ready.