What's the difference between an entrepreneur who is perceived as successful and someone who's struggling in business? Generally, one of the key factors that differentiate between the two is attitude. Now, you may a be thinking, "I have a great attitude. I've stuck with this in spite of my financial struggles and I never complain." That's fabulous, and definitely a great start. But how do you feel about yourself? Do you feel successful? Do you wake up in the morning and think to yourself, "I'm a successful entrepreneur and I love it?" If you're fraught with financial woes, or you can't seem to move your company to the next level, it's likely that you don't.

Are you someone who has achieved amazing things in life and business, yet don't recognize just how successful you are? Come on, be honest. Oftentimes, people measure success only by money and not brains, talent, perseverance, service, skill, achievement, or any number of important factors. Certainly, money is important, and nearly everyone wants more it, but don't let it be the only measurement of your success. To achieve greater wealth, it's imperative that you first accept and celebrate yourself.

Why? Because it's like taking a powerful, magical energy drink and it can change your life. When you celebrate YOU, it's motivating, energizing, uplifting, and generally makes you a magnet for success. People love associating with success-minded people. If you feel positive about yourself and you reinforce that feeling daily, you will wear it loud and clear and others will be drawn to you. Heck, you'll be drawn to yourself! As your energy shifts, things around you will begin to reflect that shift. Your self-confidence will soar, you will make decisions more clearly and feel more strongly motivated to achieve your goals and dreams. Celebration is magic that magic is within all of us.

So now you're probably thinking, "What do I have to celebrate and how do I do it?" And in return I ask you, what makes you feel good about yourself? What would you feel good about at the end of the day if you were to focus only on the positive? Below are a few suggestions. Get creative with them and add your own ideas. As you put this into practice notice how much happier you feel and how much more productive you become. It is magic — and it's all about YOU.

Keep a mini-journal. Once a day spend 5 minutes writing a sentence or two about something that you feel happy about having done. Instead of berating yourself for not even looking at your to-do list, write about how good it feels to have today's achievements off your plate. Success-minded people have appreciation for what is and it simply feels good to do this exercise.

Cheer yourself on. After you complete a task, work with a client, make your sales calls, etc., stand up and cheer! That's right, physical activity shifts your energy and helps you feel good. Give yourself the "go team" pat on the back that solopreneurs so rarely experience.

Tell a friend — brag! Yes, you have bragging rights. If you crossed 3 things off your to-do list, had an especially great conversation with a prospect, or made a promising connection, pick up the phone and call a friend or relative who will understand what that means to you. If no one in your life fits the bill — hire a coach! Coaches love hearing their clients brag!

Face the sunshine. Sun has the ability to make anyone feel good. I love to step out into my beautiful garden and tilt my head toward the sun. As I close my eyes I reflect on the feel-good sensation growing inside. And I give thanks for having the ability to achieve whatever it is that I'm celebrating in the moment. Ahhhhh.

So you get the picture. Celebration is a simple state of mind and this state has the power to change your life. It's just another example of A Million-Dollar Mindset — enjoy it!