Since the Million-Dollar-Mindset for Solopreneurs is about inspiring, empowering, and educating the owners of small business AND those who wish to have their own business someday, I thought I would devote the next 5 or 6 articles to some brilliant solopreneurs who have chosen to step into their passion as a means to make a good living. I have some wonderful examples to share with you but I would love to hear your stories too. Do you know a small business owner who is helping others, living their dream, and making a nice profit? Tell me their story. While not every, single one can be featured; I would love to know about them!

Our first featured guest is Wendy Pease of Rapport International, LLC. Please notice how Wendy has combined her interests and needs while addressing global concerns and helping others, all through her business.

When Wendy was laid off during maternity leave 5 years ago, she was sad about looking for the next corporate job since it meant so much time away from her kids. She realized that she had given up on exercising and taking care of herself because of the demands of her corporate career.

Prior to her layoff, Wendy attended a conference and mentioned to someone that she couldn't think of an idea, but that she would like her own business someday. He suggested buying one, why start from scratch? Encouraged by that idea, Wendy began "day dreaming" on-line until she found Rapport International: a foreign language translation agency that targets exporters, global companies and entities that communicate with US immigrants. With a long-standing fascination for foreign languages, Wendy loved the fact that this business was about connecting people anywhere in the world by translating their words into any language.

Certainly, with hundreds of translators in place who have advanced degrees and training in a large number of commercial, industrial and technical fields in place, Rapport International spans the globe! Amazingly, this was the only business opportunity that Wendy pursued and it look less than 3 months for the transaction to become complete. It took only 6 months for Wendy to meet her initial financial goals and today what she most enjoys about her business, outside of her passion for the industry of course, is the flexibility, freedom, variety, and opportunity to make her own decisions.

With her love for connecting people, Wendy finds networking an enjoyable way to grow her business. She also sites client referrals as being greatly responsible for her growing profits and her coach for keeping her focused on the best opportunities for marketing and business growth.

Wendy says, "My position is awesome, I live my passion for connecting people and improving global communications and I get to hire highly qualified women as project managers and linguists who can also work from home in order to balance family life, self care and a fascinating job."

Wendy Pease provides such a wonderful example of someone who has answered her own inner-calling, as well as the needs of others, both clients and contractors alike, to build a thriving business and a life she loves.