Hard to believe, but Twitter is already five years old. To commemorate the occassion, the site's creator and Twitter's former CEO, Jack Dorsey has been retelling the company's founding story (through his Twitter page, natch). Here's an early exchange with Twitter co-founder Biz Stone:

  • me: Biz! How goes?  We're starting work on the twttr
  • implementation today.
  • Biz: really?! NICE
  • me: yeah, i roped
  • florian in.  i think we'll be able to get most of it up and working by
  • the end of this week.  then i'll do the sms and style side next week.
  • along with ajax stuff.
  • Biz: two weeks and we'll have twttr.
  • yay!
  • me: yeah!  should be pretty quick.  have all of florian's time
  • and all of mine.
  • Biz: oh man that's awesome
  • Biz: i've looking
  • longingly at my empty sms on my phone throuhout the panels
  • Biz: sucks that teen people has the shortcode
  • me: i know!  that's going to
  • be tough.  doesn't help that the code also spells TXT
  • Biz: hmm
  • yah

Dorsey's onto a new company, Square, which is the subject of a very nice Vanity Fair piece. And if you can get enough of Twitter lore, check out the profile I wrote on the company three years ago, when the top source of revenue at Twitter was subletting empty desks in its office.

Last updated: Mar 14, 2011

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