Video Transcript

00:11 Michael Alter: One of the things I'm commonly asked is, "What do you do about this impending fiscal cliff? How do I operate my business?" And I think the unfortunate reality is there's just so much uncertainty, we don't have a clear answer. So, what I would say is build a scenario-based plan. Have a plan for what happens if we hit the fiscal cliff and go over it. Have a plan for what happens if it's relieved and we don't hit it. And have a plan for a couple of things in the middle.

00:33 Alter: And the key here is to know what you're gonna do when it happens. It's much better to take your time now, think about how you wanna react, have a series of plans, depending on which way they go with the fiscal cliff, and then take action from a position of thoughtful strength. Whatever is gonna happen is gonna happen at the last minute. And the last thing you wanna be doing is struggling to come up with what you're gonna do and how you're gonna react in the heat of the battle.