Exceptional talent can always find a new home. The key is to present your company as their ideal new home.

But how do you rise above the recruiting noise? Sometimes the best recruitment technique of all is humor.

I developed the Femto-management concept as a tongue-in-cheek way to poke fun at Silicon Valley's worst stereotypes: the sensitive, New Age, yet entirely egotistical CEO; the hubris of innovation, that presumptive quality which says only what's new is worthwhile; the idea that leaders don't want thinkers, just robots. Check out the recruiting video below:

There's a deliberate rationale to this approach.  We want people to see that although we take our work very seriously at Reputation.com, we don't take ourselves overly seriously.  Trust me--that can be a differentiator here in the Valley.  We want people to understand that at our company, we're real and we value authenticity. We also want to use it as a bit of a candidate litmus test.  What's their reaction and how would they build on the joke?

See what you think of our ironic sendup of Silicon Valley management.  And tell us how you'd build on the joke for a future video (but only share if you're ok with us using it--we can't give royalties!).