Whether you're an established brand or just entering the the social media space, getting started on Instagram need not be a mystery.

When the electronics manufacturer LG approached Funny or Die, the comedy website, in early 2013 to launch their G2 smart phone with their 'It's All Possible' campaign, the South Korean electronics company had no followers on Instagram, the online photo sharing service owned by Facebook.

Funny or Die, the comedy website founded by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's production company Gary Sanchez Productions, is known to brands for their great writing, access to talent and a social media audience of 9.4 MM followers on Facebook, 8.2 MM followers on Twitter, 1 MM followers on Tumblr, 500K followers on Vine and 80K followers on Instagram.

Funny or Die sent actors Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (best known as McLovin in Superbad) on a month-long cross-country road trip to take part in a string of adventures including skydiving, making the world's largest pizza in Chicago and attending weddings in Vegas, all the while incorporating the LG G2 as a character.

"The social media team hit the road with them, and we brought the audience on the journey," says Funny or Die's Patrick Starzan, Vice-President, Marketing. Funny or Die used their standardized social media channels and worked with LG's accounts to create 7329 new followers on LG's Instagram feed.

"Instagram doesn't discriminate against you whether you're an 800 pound gorilla or a smaller fish, it's an incredible way to enhance and amplify your subject," says Ed Wise, SVP, Digital & Branded Entertainment, Turner Broadcasting, a strategic partner and investor in Funny or Die.

Tips from Funny or Die's Patrick Starzan, Vice-President, Marketing

1. Value proposition: Define the benefit of why people should follow you.

2. First thing's first: People think acquisition first and content later. Reverse that.

3. Plan for success: One of the biggest mistakes is not having a calendar in place.

4. Be searchable: Hash tagging is important for discovery. It's a good way to jump in on the conversation.

5. Leverage your assets: Cross-promote through other channels and let people know why they should follow you.