Have you ever overpaid an employee by accident? If so, what did you do about it? That's the question that John Hollen asks on his "Business of Management" blog at Workforce.com. Hollon's posting is a reaction to an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about a group of city workers who were erroneously reimbursed for fuel expenses at $40 a mile, instead of 40 cents. The overpayments from the city to the workers topped $375,000. City auditors discovered the error some time ago, but two of the workers still owe their bosses $40,000, according to the paper. Hollon writes that he was once paid a co-worker's salary by accident for three months during the dot-com boom. Neither he nor (apparently) the co-worker noticed the mistake until the CPAs caught it, and Hollon quickly repaid the money that had been mistakenly deposited in his account.

Has this ever happened at your company? If so, how did the parties involved handle it?