Kevin Plank, the president and CEO of Baltimore-basedUnder Armour, was recently interviewed by

Among other things, he says the company focuses on "competing with ourselves" rather than focusing on what the competition is up to. He also uses the metaphor of a book to describe his brand—each new product Under Armour launches is another "chapter" in the book, and it's important for the story to make sense. Plank says that he thinks about whether the progression of launches makes sense: Does the latest product logically follow the last release? And what should logically come next? One product leads to the next, just like the chapters in a book.

Another choice quote:

"This year we're closing in on a $800 million business," he says. "And the only statement... the only words that will get you fired at Under Armour is 'That's the way we've always done it."

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