How well do you know your best accounts? That's a question Brian Carroll, CEO of InTouch, a sales consulting firm in Arden Hills, Minnesota, recently tackled on his blog, which is devoted to B2B lead generation, from which we quoted in this month's magazine. On his blog, Carroll told the story of a CEO who discovered that virtually nobody on his management team could name the company's top ten accounts, even though those accounts produced a huge chunk of revenue. After educating his staff to pay a little more attention to these core companies, sales trended upward.

After finishing the piece, Inc.'s sales team (plus yours truly) played the game ourselves. I got 7 out of 10 correct. Our senior marketing manager, Liz Werner, went 10 for 10 and won a prize for her efforts.

How many of your company's top ten accounts can you name? Try playing the game with your team to see how well the group does.