Inc. is the voice of the American entrepreneur. We inspire, inform, and celebrate the risk-takers and curious go-getters at the centers of innovation and new business development. Some of the most widely-known people we've 'discovered' include: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Scott Cook, Tony Hsieh, and Ping Fu.

Inc. is growing in 2014, and we're looking to tell more of these entrepreneur stories through video. We already produce dozens of clips each week, under several series names: How I Did It, The Playbook, Inc. Live, Idea Lab, Founders Forum, and Trep Life. We'd like to continue to build upon these franchises and create new ones. 

So we're looking to hire a new video producer: 

Video Producer Job Description

We're looking for a full-time Video Producer who has spent the past several years immersed in online video production. We're looking for someone who is an outstanding visual storyteller, creates broadcast-quality content for a digital platform, and has prior experience in business journalism.

The ideal candidate is a self-starter who can not only produce, shoot, and edit impeccable video fast, but also has strong organizational skills, and can translate his or her production knowledge into clicks, plays, and social shares.

Ability to shoot (Canon DSLRs) and edit (Adobe Premiere) video is necessary, as is experience with a standard web content management system and a standard video player (we use Kaltura). Knowledge of Photoshop and After Effects is a plus. Of equal importance is outstanding editorial judgment and standards, a sharp point of view, and the ability to produce video and write for a web-savvy audience.

Desired Skills and Experience With:

  • Canon DSLRs and similar cameras;
  • Mastery of Adobe Premiere; familiarity with Photoshop, After Effects, Compressor, Quicktime, and Handbrake; as well as converting between codecs, working with a variety of file types, and web exporting;
  • The entire video production process, including lighting, audio, camera operation, editing and post-production;
  • Tight deadlines for both editing and writing;
  • Booking high-profile guests;
  • Hard reporting skills and a willingness to get on the phone with sources;
  • Working with video partners (for content creation and distribution);
  • What makes a story do well online;
  • Writing video headlines;
  • Social media savvy

Does this sound like you? Send a letter explaining why and your resume to Miles Merwin at