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How We Did It: Lessons from America's Smartest Entrepreneurs

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How We Did It: Lessons from America's Smartest Entrepreneurs

What he does: Runs a public relations firm where he charges $695 an hour and has represented the likes of Halle Berry and Rush Limbaugh.

"I never wanted to be a traditional PR agency. The model is more like a law firm. I always hire ex-journalists because I feel it's easier to teach journalists what PR is than it is to teach PR people what news is. Most PR people don't have a clue. Most PR people are terrified of the media. They think that if they say, 'No comment,' there's no risk. My all-time favorite is when they advise a client not to call the reporter back because that way the reporter won't write the story. That has to be the stupidest strategy I've ever heard. If we don't respond, they can't write anything because they have to get both sides, right? They don't have to get your side -- they only have to try to get your side."

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