Everybody knows that building a business is a very difficult process. There are a lot of things that you need to take into account personally before you become an entrepreneur, and many more external factors that you have to work through to make your dream a reality. If you are looking for a handy, streamlined process, however, look no further: these are the five steps that you absolutely must take to become an entrepreneur.

Pay Attention To The Structure Of Your Business

Most people sign an LLC document because it appears to be the simplest structure for a business to follow, but there are different business structures for a reason. Do a little digging to find out which suits your vision, because you cannot always change your organizational structure once you are on your way.

Know What You Will Owe For Taxes

Your business will have all sorts of strings attached, including state, federal, and local taxes on the property, your income, and payroll if you have employees. It's your responsibility to be aware of everything that you have to pay for to avoid penalties like fees and audits from the IRS.

Have A Firm Grasp On How You're Going To Be Keeping Your Books

This is going to go hand in hand with step number two, and will keep you on track to make profit and avoid tax trouble for the entire life of your business. When doing this, take into consideration whether you are going to use technology to track your books or paper records or both, and which programs you are going to commit to. You do not have to pick the most expensive program, but you should opt for the program or programs that work best for you.

Strategize On Where Your Funding Will Come From

Whether you are crowdfunding or seeking venture capital, knowing where your money will be coming from and when to start asking for it is one of the most important parts of launching your business. After all, nothing can happen with your dreams unless you have a means to make them true.

Research Common Mistakes In Your Field And Avoid Them

This step is the most important part of the process, since this is where you are going to set the course for your business as it operates. Step number five does not end when you open your doors, however, as the market always changes, and follies can as well. In order for this step to be implemented successfully, you have to commit to ongoing research and work on what others' mistakes are and constantly be taking steps to avoid them yourself.

You definitely have to have your ducks in a row to be able to open your own business, but it certainly is doable; just like planning anything else, you have to think about organization, finances, and what not to do--looking into these three groups is going to be your biggest key for success!