We've gotten some great reader comments on our article about the latest generation of Bluetooth headsets. While the Jawbone seems to be the top choice, Inc. readers are clearly looking into alternatives. "I agree that the Aliph Jawbone is the best," says James Chao, "but I also like the design of the Motorola Bluetooth headset—very light and easy to wear."

Michael Felkey, president of marketing company Intersect, preferred the Plantronics Voyager. Here's an excerpt of his comment:

If I had a complaint, it would be that it's relatively easy for the Jawbone to lose contact with your cheek, which cuts off your ability to speak to the person on the other end.

Because of this, I recently picked up a Plantronics Voyager 855 Stereo Bluetooth Headset. It's very lightweight, has very good noise control, and utilizes a non-proprietary USB-to-Mini-USB cord for charging. This latter feature helps me reduce the number of cords I have to carry around since many of my other devices use this type of cord as well. The sweet thing about the Voyager 855 is that it allows you to insert the ear piece into your ear, which makes it much more secure.

But Eric Schwartz, CEO of Foneshow, hasn't strayed from the Jawbone.

I've been using a Jawbone since their first bluetooth version. It does exactly what they advertise and it does it very well. As a start up CEO I end up doing calls constantly, conference calls with the product team, sales calls with customers, and calls with my board and our VCs. Many of these calls end up taking place while I'm driving to another meeting. It's terrific—with the Jawbone the people I'm talking to have no idea I'm in the car.

The new version is also quite stylish. The first BT headset they released worked wonderfully, but it looked like you were wearing a cheese grater on your face.

What's your favorite Bluetooth headset? The best comments will be published in our April issue.