When I tell people how much I love my new portable video camera, they always ask, "Is it the Flip?" No, I say, it's the Kodak Zi6. It's a bit heftier than the Flip, but it's shiny and black, got great reviews, and best of all it has a slot for a memory card, so I can record 4GB or 8GB or 16GB of footage '¦ I am limited only by my imagination and the capacity of memory cards, which is now hovering around 32GB. (And memory cards are so cheap nowadays.) Anyway, my Zi6 cost $179.99, but it's now available from BuyDig and at Amazon for just $149.99. A word of warning: it's probably on sale because a new, slimmer version is coming out in April.

Speaking of things that are awesome, AT&T is selling refurbished 8GB iPhone 3Gs for just $99, and 16GB versions for $199—a $100 discount. I would buy it if I were ready for an iPhone (and if there weren't rumors of a new version coming in June).

And speaking of things that are portable, SuperBiiz has a 10-inch MSI netbook for $345 (the price only shows up when you add it to your cart.) It weighs just 2.2 pounds. Read a review here. SuperBiiz also has the 9-inch Acer Aspire One for $289.99, a shade under Best Buy's $299.99 price for a similarly decked-out model. If you can deal with a relatively small 8GB solid state hard drive, which should be fine if all you need from your computer is Internet, Best Buy has an Aspire for just $239.99.

And speaking of planned obsolescence, prices on 9-inch Eee PCs have dropped as Asus plans to phase them out. Buy.com is selling several for $267.99 and up, though all of them have 12GB or 20GB solid state hard drives. You may get more for your money if you go with this 10-incher, with a 120GB hard drive, on sales at Best Buy for just $269.99.