In times like these, who isn't interested in buying a netbook? Not only are they cheap, but they're ultra-portable and pretty darn cute. Since cheap and small are clearly the new black, check out our tips for buying a netbook, and then take a look at these deals. If you want to be notified regularly when we post new deals, subscribe to our feed by clicking on that orange icon to your right.

There are a few options out there for deals on the Asus Eee PC. Best Buy has one with a 120 GB hard drive for $330, while NewEgg has one with a 160GB hard drive, plus 10 GB of online storage, for $350. J&R and ZipZoomFly both offer the same one as NewEgg, but in white, for the same price. And both of them offer free shipping, which will cost you $12.99 at NewEgg and $19.99 at Best Buy.

All of them have 10-inch screens, which is what we recommend, and come with Windows XP. If you're interested in a smaller screen, Brad's Deals points out that the 8.9-inch Acer Aspire One is on sale at Office Depot for $290. has the Aspire for $260, but it has a 16GB solid state drive, compared with a 120GB hard drive on the Office Depot model. (By the way, new customers can get an extra $5 off at

Meanwhile, Dell is offering some discounts on its Mini 12. We'd recommend choosing the model that comes with Windows XP (as opposed to Vista or Ubuntu), which is currently on sale for $480, a $25 discount. It comes with a six-cell battery, which will give you over five hours of power.

And while it's not on our theme of the day, I had to include this Samsung all-in-one laser printer, on sale for $150 at NewEgg, a $110 discount.