Why buy a netbook when regular laptops are getting so cheap? This refurbished 14-inch Latitude notebook from Dell is just $350. It doesn't have a lot of power (just a 40GB hard drive), so don't expect it to do any hard-core computing. But if you want the price of a netbook with a larger screen, this could be the computer for you. If you're willing to spend a little more money, the 15-inch Inspiron is now only $449. Since it runs Vista, you should probably upgrade to at least 2GB of RAM, which costs an extra $50.

Dell isn't the only manufacturer offering good deals on basic laptops. At Newegg, you can get a 15-inch Toshiba Satellite with 3GB of memory and a 350 GB hard drive, for just $699. And HP is selling its 15-inch dv5z for for $550—the price includes a 2GB hard drive, but we'd recommend upgrading to 4GB for just $25 more.

Here's another deal that's tough to pass up. Though they still cost $25 and up in stores, memory cards are getting cheaper and cheaper online. Brad's Deals found the 4GB Kingston SDHC card for just $7.50.