I'm always on the lookout for free tools for business owners and on Wednesday, I spoke with Pamela O'Hara, co-founder of BatchBlue, which makes CRM software called BatchBook. With the free version, you can add up to 200 contacts; paid versions costs $9.95 a month and up, still a pretty good deal. One of the best things about it is the way it allows you to integrate social media into your customer relationship management system.

On the dashboard, you can easily search Twitter, Google News or Google Blogs to see what people are saying about your company or about your customers. If one of your contacts has two blogs, a Twitter account, and a Flickr account, you can receive updates from all of them, all within the system. Today, the company announced that it is partnering several other Web-based software companies, including FreshBooks and Shoeboxed, so customers can access several systems in one.

Have you used BatchBooks? If so, what do you think of it? If not, what do you use for CRM?