For those with a little cash on hand, this recession is proving to be a great time to scoop up bargains. (I should know; I spent the first day of Passover buying a new spring wardrobe. I saved about $120 with various coupons ... and I'm expecting a thank you note from President Obama for my recession-busting efforts.) Anyway, this just came in over the transom: Casio has dropped the prices on four of the projectors in its Super Slim line by about $100; the XJ-S32, XJ-S37, XJ-S42 and XJ-S47 will now cost $799 to $1,099.

But you can find all of them for less online. Here's the XJ-S32 for $753, the XJ-S37 for $859, the XJ-S42 for $959, and the XJ-S47 for $1035. Do Casio's lower prices simply reflect the prices that were already being charged online? That, I'm afraid, I cannot answer. But if you're looking for a really powerful portable projector, you should definitely check these out; they all have 2300 lumens or more, and weigh under four pounds. Of course, if you're on a budget, you should check out the portable projector offerings from Dell, Optoma, and 3M, which we featured in a recent video demo.