Dell launched its new line of Vostro laptops today, which come with some pretty cool features. Most notably, if you get the optional webcam ($40), you'll also get free videoconferencing software pre-installed. In just a few minutes, according to Sam Burd, global VP of Dell SMB, you can have it up and running and be on a video-conference with up to four people. The other folks on the video conference also need to have Dell's video chat software, but they can download it for free.

There are a couple other features that are new to the Vostro line. The laptops now come with fingerprint readers, so, if you want, you can require fingerprint identification to log on in addition to a password. There are free fall sensors, which lock the hard drive to protect your data in case you drop the laptop. And you now have the option of getting a solid state drive, which provides extra protection relative to a standard hard drive. The new line of laptops is available today; prices start at $569 (Vostro 1520), $629 (Vostro 1320), and $649 (Vostro 1720).