When I learned about the Microsoft Office program called OneNote, I thought my dream had come true. OneNote allows you to keep dozens of documents in one file. It has tabs across the top to separate each document. And each document can have multiple parts as well, thanks to more tabs along the side.

So, since I edit four sections of Inc. magazine, I could create four tabs across the top, labeled Passions, Behind the Scenes, Innovation, and The Goods. Then, since I plan out a few months in advance, I could give each section multiple tabs on the right (Passions May, Passions June, Passions July). Instead of keeping six or seven documents open at once, I could just open one. This was a beautiful vision, since there's nothing I love more than making minor adjustments to my story schedule. Seriously. I find it strangely satisfying.

But there was a problem. At the office, I work on a Mac, and Microsoft doesn't make OneNote for Macs. I looked around at some Web-based project management software, but it was all way too complicated to suit my needs. So, one of our extremely helpful IT guys suggested I try Notebook View in Microsoft Word. It's not quite as good as OneNote; it only offers tabs on the side, not across the top. Still, I can keep several months of ideas for The Goods nicely organized in one document. If I want to move a story from June to July, I can do it without opening up a separate file. I can tweak to my heart's content.

Do you know any other good alternatives to OneNote?