Launching a missle? There's an app for that. My colleague alerted me to what has to be the best iPhone app yet. Okay, I don't have an iPhone yet so I'm probably not the best judge of this. But what could be better than an app that lets you control your USB missile launcher remotely? You can torture your colleagues with foam missiles without even being at your desk! From the press release:

"The iLauncher App Store program gives USB Missile Launcher owners the ability to move their Missile Launcher left, right, up, down and fire foam missiles wirelessly directly from their iPhone or iTouch. This allows for more discreet use of the Missile Launcher and adds a unique feature to the highly popular product. Were excited about this release and look forward to the release of more added value features to our line of innovative gadgets for the home or office," says Alex Yu, marketing manager at Newo Corporation.

The app costs $2.99 and the missile launcher is $29.99.