When I went to CES earlier this year, I came home with a stack of business cards. And because I've never spent the five hours that would be required to type each one into my address book, the pile has only gotten bigger since then. I wish I had the Cardscan V8 personal business card scanner, which is now available at Buy.com for only $114.99 (compared with $134.99 at Amazon $149.99 at NewEgg). It's just 4.4 inches by 3.8 inches, so I easily could have taken it with me to Vegas.

By the way, WorldCard has a nice portable scanner, which is a little less delicate-looking than the Cardscan, and has the added benefit of working with a Mac. (CardScan's Executive scanner works with a Mac, but not the portable one.) I tried out the WorldScan at CES, and you can see a video of it below. It's incredibly quick and easy. Unfortunately, it generally runs closer to $200.

My birthday is in July; now you all know what to get me.