Today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Lenovo unveiled the IdeaPad U1, a notebook computer with a detachable screen that has its own processor and can be used as a multi-touch slate tablet (see picture below). The two parts of the computer are designed to work together or separately in a seamless fashion. If you're surfing the Web in laptop mode, for example, you can detach the tablet without interruption.

The clamshell device, which sports a red exterior, weighs just 3.8 pounds total. The detachable tablet weighs 1.6 pounds. Each mode supports more than five hours of Web browsing and 60 hours of standby. The device also has an integrated video camera and a microphone with echo cancellation. It will be available on June 1 for $999, according to Lenovo's press release.

I'm heading to CES tomorrow, and I plan to check out the IdeaPad, as well as Lenovo's new business laptops. Stay tuned for more posts on these and other new gadgets!