Today, Vook released a multimedia version of Seth Godin's Unleashing the Ideavirus, which was originally published online ten years ago. I've been reading a lot about mixed media books designed for tablets and e-readers, so I thought I'd check out the new take on Godin's book, which Vook is calling Unleashing the SUPER Ideavirus.

The e-book, which costs just 99 cents for an online version or iPhone app, has a uncluttered, crisp design. You can choose to view it as text only, video only, or a mix of both text and video. Each section features text and accompanying videos. For example, the section about the decline of "interruption marketing" includes a video case study about the Little Miss Matched sock company. Some of the terms in the text are linked, so you can click on GeoCities, for example, to read about the company on Wikipedia. Of course, there are pictures and plenty of graphs that help illustrate Godin's ideas. Another cool feature of the vook is the ability to click on the "connect" view to comment on the book on Facebook or Twitter or go to Godin's website and blog.

It might take a while to adjust to toggling back and forth between the videos and text, especially if you're viewing the vook on your iPhone. But the concept makes a lot of sense now that more and more books are being read on tablets and e-readers. In particular, the multimedia approach works well for instructional books such as Godin's. I think I'd rather read my Jane Austen the old fashioned way, though.