Let's face it -- sometimes you have to sweat the small stuff.  Despite the fact that you have so many other balls in the air, you can't afford to overlook federal and state compliance policies, which unfortunately are constantly changing.  

Many small businesses today are squeezed financially and don't have the internal resources to effectively address these and other HR issues their companies are facing. Whether you are planning to grow your businesses, hire new employees, retain key performers, or ensure you are in compliance with ever-changing regulations, you need to have a reliable resource you can turn to for help.

A small company doesn't necessarily need to have a full-time HR representative on site; instead, outsourced HR services could be a good alternative.  Consider the best way to support HR needs to tap into best practices and strategies for business growth, reduce risk and ensure compliance. Whatever solution you choose, you need to be sure that you have some solution in place to address an HR need or a crisis.

A recent survey of small businesses in New England conducted by the team at Insight Performance and the Smaller Business Association of New England, Inc. (SBANE), found that small businesses are planning to increase hiring and benefits to employees, but are carefully watching costs. So, your mission when it comes to HR this year is to figure out the best way you can continue to grow, be in compliance and create a workplace that will attract and engage star performers.


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