This month is a good time to focus on creating a true work-life balance atmosphere in your organization.

Today is "Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day" – a program that has been supporting parent-child relationships in the workplace for more than 18 years.  Many "Employers of Choice" around the world have been participating in the program and hosting special workplace activities that encourage parents and mentors to educate children about different professions and workforce opportunities.

Not only does this program benefit the children, but it is also shows employees how much you value them, and demonstrates first-hand the power of work-life balance.  Check out to find out more about this program, including materials and resources that you might consider for next year.  Of course, you don't have to plan special activities – the important thing is to create an environment where parents feel encouraged to bring their children to work and continue to feel supported through many other corporate family-friendly policies and practices.

Similarly, on the work-life balance front, there has recently been a new push to support nursing moms.  The federal government recently enacted the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – commonly known as the health care reform law – which now requires most employers to provide unpaid break time to nursing mothers, and a place, other than a bathroom, where mothers can nurse privately and without intrusion.

Now employers need to think about creating a private place for this purpose at the workplace.  They also need to train supervisors about the new law so they can respond appropriately to requests from nursing moms.  Additionally, an organization's handbook and workplace policies need to be updated accordingly to incorporate these new changes so everyone is aware of them.

Take some time this month to assess how you are doing in creating a strong work-life balance for your employees and think about ways you can enhance this balance in your organization.  A family-friendly, balanced workplace is a win-win scenario for all – parents, children, and employers.  Happy, motivated employees are always your greatest asset.