May 20, 2004--The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has developed a new website aimed at promoting the entrepreneurial spirit in America's youth.

The website was unveiled as part of the SBA Expo '04 being held this week in Orlando, Fla., to celebrate National Small Business Week.

The website introduces youngsters to small-business basics, such as what it takes to start a business and drafting a business plan, as well as features for finding youth groups associated with their interests and mentors.

Awards are given out by the SBA every year to individuals like Aaron Zack Phillips, the 2002 Young Entrepreneur of the Year, who had his first job at 12, and at 23, was the owner of a half-million dollar company that he started to build when he was in middle school.

"Young minds of today will be the force for business growth and job creation in the future," Cheryl Mills, associate deputy administrator for Entrepreneurial Development for the SBA said. "The spirit of enterprise is the most powerful economic force in the nation."

The SBA's teen website can be found at