Oct. 1, 2004--With angel investing becoming an increasingly important capital source for small and start-up businesses, the National Association of Seed and Venture Funds announced its upcoming conference on early stage investing to be held November 10 -12 in Salt Lake City.

The conference promises to help demystify the process of investing in early stage companies by bringing in keynote speakers like noted venture capital guru and author Guy Kawasaki; Mike Hecker, NASA's Deputy for Development Programs; and Marianne Hudson, Entrepreneurship Director for the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

Hudson recently spoke about a study conducted by her organization that found that angel or other "informal" investors have supplanted venture capitalists as the largest capital suppliers for the nation's start-up businesses. According to the study, start-up businesses received $108 billion from angel investors in 2003 as opposed to $304 million from venture capitalists who chose to invest in more established businesses.

"Many entrepreneurs waste valuable time by prematurely seeking seed capital from formal venture capital firms," Hudson said. "While formal venture capital is important to our economy an is once again beginning to flow, only a very small percentage of entrepreneurs receive VC funding."

To get more information about the conference, visit the conference homepage.