Oct. 2, 2004--If it were up to the National Association of Women Business Owners members, Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry would be our next president.

The survey commissioned jointly by NAWBO and the Center for Women's Business Research showed Kerry edging out George W. Bush by about 15%. Fifty-five percent of NAWBO members supported Kerry for president while 40% supported Bush. The members who identified themselves as Independents, with another party, or no party affiliation accounted for most of Kerry's lead, according to the NAWBO. Of those members, 64% supported Kerry while 27% supported Bush.

The survey results are based on 1,146 respondents and included 35 questions related to issues facing women entrepreneurs. Of those members who responded to the survey, 37.1% were Democrat while 34.1% were Republican. Issues women business owners were most concerned about were health care insurance, expense deductions, taxes, and access to capital. The most important issues facing their businesses today included marketing, expansion, and cash flow.

"NAWBO's membership is concerned about the issues affecting their business and want to continue the upward growth by selecting candidates who support and embrace their positions," said Erin Fuller, CAE, NAWBO's executive director in a statement.