Nov. 3, 2004--While the presidential election still remains in limbo this morning, the House of Representatives' future has been sealed by the GOP. Most of the 435 members of the House won re-election, earning the Republicans yet another two years of control, making it 12 consecutive years they have controlled the chamber.

As of this writing, 223 seats had been won by Republicans, while Democrats had won 210. At least 218 seats are needed for House control.

In the Senate, Republicans have maintained their majority by capturing Democratic seats in the South. Senate minority leader Tom Daschle, in an important race in South Dakota, is behind in the race against Republican candidate, John Thune. If Thune wins, it will be the first time in history a minority leader lost a re-election bid.

NBC News currently projects that the Republican Party controlled at least 50 seats. Another five seats would give them a 55-44 edge over Democrats in the Senate.