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Finding Financing Biggest Obstacle for Prospective Entrepreneurs


May 2, 2005--A new study finds that most Americans dream of starting their own businesses, though finding the money to start one is their biggest challenge in making it happen.

In its survey of small business owners, Capital One Financial Corporation (NYSE: COF) found that 61% of Americans fantasize about owning a business of their own. At the same time, 55% of respondents cited a lack of startup cash as the primary obstacle in making that fantasy a reality.

"Small business owners have told us that understanding the various financing options and attaining them can be particularly daunting," said Pam Girardo, a spokesperson for Capital One, a small business loan provider.

When seeking startup financing from a bank, Capital One recommends that entrepreneurs understand both their business and personal credit history and be able to demonstrate a consistency in paying their bills on time.

Prospective owners should also be prepared to show how their business will be able to repay the bank through its cash flows.

But banks aren't the only resource to turn to in locating financing.

"Small business owners need to know that there are a variety of funding resources available - including Small Business Administration loans and small business credit cards," said Rachel Roemke from the Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center.

Last updated: Feb 5, 2005


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