June 10, 2005--Rental car company Budget Rent A Car is taking aim at small businesses who rent cars at least five times a year and spend $50,000 or less each year on rentals.

In its new Budget Business Program, the company has begun offering a $2 rebate for each full day a car is rented, in addition to other benefits.

Although Budget previously offered a business product that included a fixed, discounted rate and unlimited mileage, the company has been developing an offer geared specifically to small businesses since its acquisition by Cendant Car Rental Group in November 2002. "Prior to this launch, we didn't have an effectively positioned or organized product for this [small business] segment of the car rental universe, so it's been something we've always had in our minds," said Chuck Fallon, Executive Vice President of Revenue Generation.

"There is a wide spectrum of companies, which we anticipate participating, from larger businesses who travel a lot to local companies, from accounting firms to construction," Fallon said. Enrolling is free and requires no previous relationship with Budget.

In addition to the $2 per day rebate, the Budget Business Program includes a number of other benefits to program members, including unlimited mileage, one way travel, and Fastbreak service, which allows clients on file to avoid waiting lines at the counters. The program also accommodates businesses with younger commercial drivers by lowering the car rental age to 21, rather than the standard renting age of 25.

Fallon hopes that the program's simplicity and reward immediacy will attract small business clients. Because the rebate checks are mailed each month, "you don't have to build up a bunch of points to get a freebie."