August 10, 2005--About two-thirds of small business owners are satisfied with how they have balanced their personal lives and work schedules, despite the fact that they work an average 52 hours a week, according to a new survey released by the Wells Fargo/Gallop Small Business Index.

The survey also found that over half of small business owners work six days a week, with more than 20% working all seven. Fourteen percent of surveyed small business owners reported taking zero vacation days in a year, and almost 40% of those who do take personal time off said that they still answer work-related phone calls and email while on vacation.

Nonetheless, 67% of small business owners said they were satisfied with their personal life-work balance and almost 90% said they were satisfied with being a small business owner in general.

It's "not just a willingness" to work more hours, said Laine Caspi, owner of Parents of Invention, who regularly logs in about 50 hours a week at work. "It's more like you want to do it. It's a choice as opposed to someone else saying that you have to be there."

Dennis Jacobe, chief economist at the Gallup Organization, agreed. "People see the benefits more closely tied to them when they're the owner," he said. "Working hard and long is a natural aspect of the kind of people willing to start their own business."