Sept. 2, 2005--Despite the long hours, entrepreneurs have found a happy balance between work life and personal time according to a recent study. The Hudson work-life balance survey reported that 82% of entrepreneurs surveyed were satisfied with their work-life balance, compared to 78% of their government-employed colleagues and only 70% of people employed in the private sector.

Overall, more than three quarters, 76%, of U.S. workers reported being either very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with their work-life balance. The figures are surprising considering that 60% of those surveyed clocked workweeks of 40 hours or more. Even more surprising is that 70% of employees said they have fun at work.

"This is an encouraging sign that organizations are taking an initiative to promote work-life balance," said Jeff Anderson, senior vice president at Hudson. Citing the flexibility now offered by mobile technology, Anderson added, "Employees may be working longer hours, but thanks to cell phones, laptops, and Blackberries, they may be spending more time at home or even working a few hours while on vacation."

Asked why entrepreneurs have such a rosy view of their work-life balance, Anderson joked, "I guess they really love their boss." He also said that entrepreneurs consistently rank high in surveys rating overall work satisfaction and work-life balance. "As opposed to someone in the government or private sector who puts in 100 hours a week where it is hard to see what they are working towards, entrepreneurs get to see a direct benefit from the fruits of their own labor," Anderson added.