If your online-marketing campaign is achieving poor results, it's possible that many of your e-mail announcements are being perceived as spam and never make it to the intended recipients. Sender Score, a free new service from New York-based Return Path, provides businesses with information they need to keep their e-mail newsletters or offers from going directly into recipients' junk-mail folder.

Many e-mail delivery failures are the result of the sender's reputation, rather than the missive's content. By aggregating the reputation criteria used by dozens of Internet service providers and e-mail receivers -- including data or spam complaints, e-mail volume tracking, bounce rates, blacklist inclusions, spam trap hits, and authentication status -- Sender Score allows users to determine their e-mail reputation. Users simply enters their domain names, and SenderScore provides a reputation score ranging from 0-100, with 100 being the best score.

For business owners that find their score is much lower than anticipated, Sender Score breaks down the score to indicate which practices they could improve to enhance their domain's reputation and make sure fewer of their opt-in e-mails are deleted by spam filters.

Websites Made Easy

For business owners who want to enhance their online presence but know little about HTML, Website Pros (NASDAQ:WSPI), a Jacksonville Fla.-based provider of Internet-marketing tools, has launched an update of its website-building software.

NetObjects Fusion 10, released on Tuesday, allows users to design their website with a WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") interface. The software makes it easy to create Flash features, offering a library of animations, online calendars, and transition effects. The package also provides tools for editing images and creating custom templates.

The full version of the software costs $199.95 while an upgrade version is available for $109.95.

Know Your Customers

While there are many services that tell you how many people visit a website, what a business owner really wants to know is who the site visitors are and how they can be transformed into clients. 

DomoDomain, a spin-off company of IntelligenceFocus, a San Francisco-based intelligence-management technology company, provides businesses with information about the identity and interests of business visitors to their website in real-time.

DomoDomain, which runs on all common Web browsers, will also search for news and contact information on visitors, enabling site owners to follow up with potential customers.

A free basic DomoDomain account allows users to monitor two websites, while a premium account, which offers additional features such as conceptual profiling and the ability to search visitors' interests, runs $8 a month.