While the communiqué, "This message will self destruct," sounds like something out of Mission Impossible, in the future, it might become something we commonly read in our business e-mails.

BigString, a Red Bank, New Jersey-based e-mail provider, offers a new tool for business owners who worry that the information they send in an e-mail is vulnerable to interception when it is archived on Web servers or languishing in someone's inbox. BigString, which provides free, large-storage, Web-based e-mail accounts, allows users to send recallable, changeable, erasable, non-printable and self-destructing e-mails. E-mail senders can also track who reads an email and can control the number of times a message is read or forwarded. E-mail senders can set a time or date for e-mails to self-destruct and can create emails that can not be printed, saved, or forwarded by the recipient.

Users can apply BigString's security settings to most attachments, including video. By embedding its own video viewer in e-mails, BigString makes it possible for users to send a video that is subject to sender-control settings because it can only be viewed within the e-mail.

BigString offers a premium account that gives users an e-mail address with their own domain name and 2 GB of storage for $2.50 a month. Business service costs $150 a year for 10 e-mail addresses and 20 GB of storage. Both plans allow users to send video attachments up to 30 minutes long. The basic e-mail plan, which comes with 1 GB of storage and allows users to send video attachments up to five minutes long, is free.

Safely Store Important Records Online
A safe deposit box frequently houses a person's most vital documents, but it can be difficult to quickly gain access to those documents in case of an emergency. There is a new online tool for people who want the vital information found in financial records, medical records, wills, or insurance policies securely stored, but readily at-hand.

KeepYouSafe.com allows users to store their most important records online where they can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. When a user saves a file or document via KeepYouSafe.com, the data is automatically encrypted using a military-grade encryption system (256-bit AES) and stored in four geographically distant locations throughout the world.

The company does not retain users' passwords on its servers or allow users to easily request a new password. Just as you need to hang on to your safe deposit key to gain access to a physical safe deposit box, KeepYouSafe.com users need to remember their password in order to gain access to the files in their virtual deposit box.

A Mobile John Hancock
For deal-makers who need to securely sign contracts while on the go, there is a new tool that allows users to authenticate their identity and approve and digitally sign content from their mobile phone.

Valimo Wireless, a Helsinki, Finland-based software firm, has developed a mobile signature client, which is located on a SIM card. The Valimo Mobile Authentication Client offers encrypted communication between the SIM card and the destination system as well as local PIN and PUK (personal unblocking key) management.

Since the system is SIM and mobile signature system vendor independent, users will find signature-enabled SIM cards offered by many mobile network operators.